Thank you so much for offering up your home to those who do not have their own! I would like to explain what this brand new program is all about. The intent of this program is to seek out potential sources of short term housing options where there previously were none. Even offering a short stay such as 30 days can make a lasting difference in a person’s life where stability is defined as sleeping in the same spot 3 nights in a row. We will match your space with a pre-screened client who has no felony convictions or any recent misdemeanor convictions that will use their time spent with you to get their lives in order. If there are any questions or concerns you are welcome to reach out to us to resolve them at any time. If for some reason you need to end their stay prematurely, we only ask that you contact us first to try and resolve any issues before asking the client to vacate the space. Which you will have every right to do so if you feel it is necessary. Thank you again for supporting your community in this new and hopefully lasting way!

As you know we are a registered 501(c)3 so, every night that you donate to A Place To Stay is tax deductible for the same amount you would charge on say AirBnb or!

Requirements for participation:

  1. You must be 18 or older to donate, and 25 or older to receive housing.
  2. No felony convictions.
  3. No misdemeanor convictions for the past 2 years.
  4. You must identify as LGBTQ to receive housing.
  5. You must be street homeless with no alternative options available to you.
  6. If a space is provided, you must abide by any rules set forth by the host while staying in their home.
  7. You must be actively seeking a job, education, or a more permanent living situation while participating in this program.